“I obtained a tutor from Learning Key tutoring about 4 months ago for my son who is a Freshman in High School. He was really struggling in Honors Geometry, and getting very frustrated with his low test scores. Learning Key recommended Brad, who is a young teacher, just the right fit for my son who was having a hard time understanding information from his math teacher. Brad was able to reiterate lessons in a way that kept Finn’s attention, and even reviewed Algebra concepts that Finn had missed. He is also great at keeping Finn accountable, and asks him to text all test and quiz scores to him so he can be aware of Finn’s weekly progress. It is this attention that I think is inspiring Finn to try harder and learn better in this subject he has never loved. That says alot about Brad as a tutor! Finn has been able to bring up his grade, and more importantly feels more confident in his knowledge of the math concepts that will help him build on his learning as he goes into the next class. I am impressed that Stephanie was able to get the right fit on the first try for my son. The whole process has been easy and seamless, from Learning Key’s billing, to adjusting tutoring times for our schedule changes. I honestly would highly recommend Learning Key Tutoring to anyone who is tired of watching their child struggle through a subject.”Natasha Garfield - Denver

"I would highly recommend Learning Key Tutoring. We found out ourson was dyslexic when he was in 5th grade.  Children's hospital recommended a well know company in town to tutor him.  After 1 month there I knewit wasn't a good fit.  I gave Stephanie a call to see if she could help. I was looking for someone that could go to my son instead of me having to take him to tutoring.  She recommended Pat and coordinated getting her into my son's classroom 2 days a week.  I have to admit I never went to school to meet her that year. The next year in 6th grade we had to switch to after school, as tutoring during the day was no longer an option.

It was during this time that I began to have meaningful interactions with Pat. She's amazing.  She was a special education teacher for 25 years and has a way f getting my son to work really hard.  She was specifically tutoring him in Wilson for his dyslexia at the time.  That summer we continued w/ the tutoring. He had made great strides during the school year and wanted to keep it up.

Now in 7th grade, he's finished w/ the Wilson tutoring. However, we have kept Pat on to help him w/ his writing.  In 6th grade he was failing both reading & writing. Today he has brought those grades up to a C level. He's reading more than 1 whole grade level ahead but still struggles with the writing portion ofclass.  His dyslexia presents as a problem w/ his output.  He's a very good & fast reader however being able to analyze what he read and get it out on paper is very difficult for him.  Pat is wonderful at helping him expand his sentences, choose stronger words and make his writing read more smoothly.

Other things we like about having a tutor, and especially Pat, is she attends our IEP meetings and other school meetings about our son. She helps us advocate to insure his needs are getting met at school. She is so knowledgeable about the system and makes recommendations I would not even know about. We are planning to keep Pat until our son can write easily and proficiently on his own oruntil he graduates from high school - whichever comes 1st.

Whenever I run into parents talking about needing help for their kids I always connect them with Stephanie.  It's been an amazing transformation for our son."
Michel Brosmere - Kentwood Real Estate

“I recommend Learning Key Tutoring wholeheartedly.  From my first conversation with Stephanie Fowler about my child's academic progress, I felt very confident that she understood my family's needs.  The tutor she picked to work with us came with a very specialized background in both the academic and educational needs that my child has.  Since tutoring began, I've seen a definite increase in my child's math capabilities, but I'm even more pleased by what I've seen as my child's greater willingness to stick with and work through some often challenging assignments, both with his tutor and on his own.  I am very grateful for this.”Andrew - Denver